Electro-Meters ISO9001:2008


Electro-Meters has excelled in the field of Measuring Instrumentation for over 45 years. Our objectives continue to be those dedicated to symbolizing product quality and service.This attitude is supported by our continuing commitment to supply quality instrumentation, reliability. We believe in "Quality in Fact" – Meeting our own specifications and "Quality in Perception" – Meeting our customer’s expectations in Product, Information and Service. In striving for excellence we are supported by a highly motivated team of employees whose attention to quality acts in concert with that of the organization.

Our trained employees are dedicated personnel committed to perfection in their work, providing innovative solutions for client requirements which range from basic modification to custom designed instrumentation. In a changing and complex highly competitive economy the quality message to meet the objectives of ISO9001 in both it’s spirit and intent is executed with deliberation, persistence, and above all, consistency.


Since 1963 ELECTRO-METERS Co. Ltd. has grown to be the leading supplier of both digital and analog panel measuring instruments in Canada. Beginning as a small partnership we have expanded to our new, clean, 7500 sq. foot plant located in South Pickering Ontario. 900 McKay Road, Unit 2, Pickering, Ontario, Canada L1W 3X8.

Our many lines of electrical meters are enhanced by an extensive selection of high-end test and measurement equipment which includes data recorders, halogen monitors, transducers, chart recorders, signal conditioners, monitoring systems, dynamometers and insulation resistance test sets.

Through close supervision and instruction programs our staff of technical personnel have become highly skilled at the building and servicing of electrical and electronic metering instruments. A large array of test and measurement equipment with current traceability to Canada’s NRC provides the capability of calibrations to most standard parameters. An in-house graphics department allows working closely with our customers to develop original customized artwork with short turn around times.

Our versatile technical sales staff with many years experience in the electrical test and metering field are able to provide reliable, high quality, cost effective solutions to your monitoring needs.